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We are dedicated to dealing with claims where you have been mis-sold a packaged bank account

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We are dedicated to dealing with claims where you have been mis-sold a packaged bank account

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Meet the power bankers

15 September 2016

For most of us, banking is just one of those everyday chores that simply has to be done. We search for an account that suits us, set up direct debits, transfer cash and check our accounts, and if we're lucky enough to enjoy a windfall, we pop it in an ISA – easy.

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Bill-beating cashback offers: What are they worth?

07 September 2016

Current accounts offering a cashback on bills facility are pretty popular these days. Big players such as Santander, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays offer accounts that pay low-percentage returns on direct debits associated with payments to water, energy and telecoms companies, and to local authorities by way of council tax.

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Cashback and mortgages: How much can you save?

31 August 2016

Mortgages cost a lot of money, with deposits, high interest rates and repayments putting a dent in a household's finances, particularly for first-time buyers or those wanting to advance up the housing ladder.

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Packaged phone insurance: A smart choice?

24 August 2016

Each year, many people are drawn into signing up for a packaged bank account because they want to take advantage of the insurance benefits they offer. One of the most important of these is phone insurance; a must-have in today's digitally connected world, but nevertheless a policy that can cost a fair bit of money each year.

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Banking per annum

17 August 2016

We couldn't help wondering– given that the prices of many goods and services fluctuate throughout the year in a predictable way, does the same ring true with financial products and other aspects of banking that we routinely interact with? We decided to find out.

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